Mediation Process

People want to be heard. The best way to resolve a problem is to communicate early. Sometimes people need help communicating their problems, needs and expectations to another person.  An attempt at communication can lead to an early solution. Communication works in marriage, family relationships, work and other settings.

What Is Mediation? 

Mediation is the process to help two people communicate their issues and reach agreement with the help of a third person, known as a "neutral".  A third party neutral does not represent or advocate for either side.  The neutral's role is to help both parties reach agreement on the issues and resolve the problem. The neutral is called a mediator. Mediation is also fast & confidential.

Mediation Mission

We are committed to helping people solve their issues and help them at any stage in the process. We will use our skills and resources to help people find the best solution that works for everyone.

To schedule a mediation and begin the fast & confidential process with the help of a mediator, click here: