Integrity Consulting Partners are the role players to help your organization win.

We serve as your number one source for professional training.  We surpass the competition, in not only service, but value as well.  We thrive on building relationships.  As consultants, we are in the relationship business.  We want to help you maximize your organization, improve your services, and develop a winning team.  It starts with role players.



Hard work is a skill.

Everyday, countless amounts of people across the world try to eloquently capture the greatness of great sports players: icons, heroes, and legends. And rightfully so—they've earned their place among the elite and deserve to be recognized.

But what about the unsung heroes of the league? The guys who game in, game out do whatever job is necessary to help their team win, whether it's scoring points, grabbing rebounds, shutting down the other team's best player, or be the facilitator on offense?

We're talking about the immeasurably important "role player."

(Credit: The Bleacher Report)


Rich Scott ~ CEO

Rich thrives in his role as a training consultant.  Rich defines consulting as listening and giving a company tangible tools that improve performance.  He is an excellent teacher and trainer and can relay any concept through his use of case studies, research, and a well-placed illustration.  Rich adds a practical and enriched approach to helping build skills.

"Integrity is more about building skills sets that you can track and trace."

Rich applies the winning philosophy of "we will be the most well-researched consulting firm in the country and each training will be customized-- one size does not fit all."  You will appreciate the level of detail brought to your organization's needs.

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Michelle Scott ~ Creative Partner

Michelle is a valuable member of the Integrity team-- a role player who contributes behind the scenes.   Michelle provides creativity and a valuable viewpoint of a collaborative team member--and wife.

Michelle is a former judge and her legal and analytical skills serve as a great asset on all projects.

"Integrity gives me a chance to help find solutions for people and organizations.  I enjoy researching and creating projects that help make companies better.  I also like working with individuals who need advice from a legal perspective." 
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